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.   it. >>> and welcome back, i'm dave feldman. grossman led the redskins to touchdowns on three straight drives in the third and fourth quarters but his team lost. some rex analysis from our own dock walker. >> in terms of his performance, offensively we have been waiting. you hear about systems, the cop out, this is what we were talking about. now can you do it again. because donovan has played well, too. he's had big games. you got to win the game in the process. >> now grossman and the skins will try and play spoiler next week in jacksonville. the jags still trying to win the afc south. shanahan will have a press conference tomorrow where no doubt he will be asked about how well rex grossman played and the future once again of donovan mcnabb. he cannot get enough of those questions. i'm dave feldman. thanks for watching. the nissan sports extra. ail see you tomorrow on the fox 5 news at five. have a good night.
of the year. dave feldman in the newsroom with how it went down today. >> the skins have probably known they were going to do this for some time, four games left, four-game suspension, no pay. all that's left of the story is what the skins will get from him before he officially becomes an ex-redskins. he was given the news this morning by gm bruce allen, evidently because haynesworth said he will no longer talk to mike shanahan. in a statement, number 92 says the coach refused to cooperate with the coaching staff in a variety of ways over an extended period of time. last week he had a lack luster practice on thursday and was late for a meeting on friday and did not practice because of an unspecified illness. today, teammate halladay spoke with haynesworth after the suspension. >> he was surprised and really shocked that he's suspended for four games, and the reasoning that he was given for being suspended for four games, that he refused to play in the 3-4 defense and he feels like that's not the case. going into last week's game, there was an opportunity, there was a package put in spec
you tomorrow. i'm dave feldman. have a great night. >> thank you for watching sports extra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealers.
to do it for us. the news edge at 11 is a wrap. sports extra with dave feldman is next. we're always on  . >>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. thanks for putting up with a hoarse voice. grossman looked good. and shanahan looked relieved. shanahan would have been grilled even more about his snacking of mcnabb, but as it stands he had to deal with the loss. losing without a controversy. the skins looking for their first season sweep of dallas since 2005. the 100 regular season meeting between the two. first cowboys procession, stuffed by the d, and specifically fletcher. just ask him. later in the quarter, skins down 3-0. the new starter, grossman, whoops. sellers and he didn't connect. it's picked off and returned to the skins 27. skins fans say oooh and mcnabb not saying anything. cowboys cash in. austin gets the 3-yard touchdown. dallas up 3-0. skins down 13-0 at the cowboys 19. this pass to torain. the redskins first offensive touchdown against dallas in 17 quarters. they would trail 20-7 in the half. third quarter, grossman down to wear
'll be watching out for the storm toward the end of the holiday weekend. dave feldman is coming back with sports when the edge continues. stay with us. . >>> hello, we're the brewsters from germany. and we want to send season's greetings to mimi, tj, alec and alex in alexandria, virginia, and we all want to say. >> merry christmas and happy new year! d yo . >>> i am a's dave feldman. less than 7 days before friedgen coaches his last game for the maryland terrapins. the coach was told over the weekend that the school was buying out the final year of his contract and today he spoke publicly about being let go. >> we're at a point now where we're really ready to take off and that's the toughest thing about this whole thing is i real hi think this team has a chance to be champions, and, you know, that's kind of what i was looking for. but, you know, powers to be don't think i'm good enough to do that, so ... >> he says he wants to coach again. >>> now to the redskins. phillips daniels, placed on injured reserve today. they were back on the practice field preparing for sunday's game in jacksonville.
for spending part of your christmas holiday with us. nissan's sports xtra with dave feldman is next. stay right here on fox 5.  >>> welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. merry christmas. you know how they say never fight with someone who has nothing to lose? well, today the skins were playing just for pride. the jags were playing just for playoffs. the game went to overtime. i guess advantage, time for our game highlights. rex grossman four tds, today looking for a little more magic in a very cold jacksonville, florida. 1st quarter skins up 3 -0. first drive for the jags, david garrard looking for his tight end zach miller but instead he finds carlos rogers who holds onto the ball for a second interception of the year, returns it 38 yards to the jags 18 and the skins' offense would turn the pick into points. next drive grossman to fred davis, grossman 3 -0 as a florida gator in games played in jacksonville and he's fired up, so he's doing the gator chomp, skins up 10- 0. 2nd quarter skins up 10-7. grossman hits santana moss, a big
with dave feldman. >> have a great night. o >>> welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> hi, everybody, i'm dave feldman. today was a dreary day in the nation's capital. if you happened to spend part of it in landover, maryland, it was really depressing. not many of you did. the attendance today generously enough at 66,000. the bucs and skins did make it entertaining until the very last play, but it did have a horrific ending. time for our game highlights presented by hh gregg. mike shanahan and the redskins looking for a w after back to back losses. on the first redskins play from scrimmage the ryan torain show again. after missing the last four games with a hamstring injury torain breaks off on a 54-yard run to start things off and he was far from done. 10 carries for 121 yards in the 1st quarter. the last player with more, marshall faulk in 2001. torain finished with 172, surpassing his previous career high of 125. the only issue, the skins weren't scoring. missed field goals part of the problem. graham gano following up on a 34-yarder he missed in the first b
for accumulating snow on christmas. we'll continue to watch that for you. dave feldman is talking about what's happening out at maryland. we have the details when we return. >>> good morning, i'm dave feldman, ralph friedgen out after 10 seasons at maryland, forced out by a new athletic director, but the coach will receive $2 million to cover the final year of his contract. he tallied seven bowl appearances during his 10 year run. he was acc coach of the year twice including this year. according to the athletic director kevin anderson, the departure of maryland's coach in waiting weighed heavily in the decision. >> when james franklin was named the head football coach at vanderbilt university and through discussions that i had with coach friedgen, he made it very clear he didn't want to be a lame duck coach and that we both realized that putting him in the football program in that position we would have a hard time retaining and a tracking coaches and student athletes. >>> wizards guard john wall has a bone bruise in his right knee and tonight missed his 11th game of the season no, word how
schwartz. i'm dave feldman. i'll see you tomorrow live at 5:00 from red mann park. have a good night. >> -- redskins park. have a good night. >> thank you for watching nissan sports xtra brought to you by your washington nissan dealer.
, it didn't look so good any more. dave feldman is here with more on another disappointing loss. feldy, this was tough to watch. >> it was really tough. the skins dropped three straight games, four at fedex. so much for the home field advantage. today on a wet, dreary day, the game matched the weather. the redskins found another way to lose. santa was on hand. how about a gift for the redskins like ryan for rain -- torain. the first half was all torain. ten carries for 121 in the first quarter and finished the half with 18 rushes for 158 yards, the most since tiki barber did it against the skins in 2005. second quarter, still a scoreless game until this. mcnabb hits paulson for the one yard score. 12th straight game with a touchdown pass. dan snyder, joe gibbs excited. skins take a 10-3 win into the half. skins up 10-9 with under four to play. bucks trying to make something happen and kellen winslow does. two point conversion is good. skins respond with a 69-yard drive that would end like this. on fourth down, mcnabb hooking up to santana moss and then the botched snap. oh, goodness. i
from the states. >>> the wizards getting ready to take on the lakers right now. dave feldman is standing by live. >>> and kobe bryant is here and -- the lakers are here and some won't be playing. very important. the answer to that question and much more and some redskins news you will want to hear. the news edge at 6 continues. >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman. welcome to verizon center's the two-time world champ los angeles lakers come to town and they're taking on an injured washington wizards team. john wall will miss his 8th game, he's got tendonitis in his knee and he won't score either. that is the top two leading scorers and gilbert arenas will play. that is not a great resume and they can come out here to the west and the lakers, of course, always a big attract. the two teams met last week in l.a. and with the wizards playing the most competitive road games of the season, remember, they haven't won on the road yet. nick young came off the bench for a season high 30. kobe was kobe, 132 and a 105- 108 victory for the lakers. how can the wizards compete with kobe and&c
. monday will only be 42 degrees. maybe dave feldman can warm things up for ushighlights. sports report when we return. >> good evening, the wizards' road issues are not bound by national borders. case in point tonight when washington traveled to toronto and brought with them their 0-8 record from verizon center. it's leandro barb ossa using a screen, driving and then toronto, fast break, getting some serious elevation here, he has 18 points and raptors by 19. wall was okay, a little rust andy had 19 and a losing cause. raptors pound the wizards 127-108. wiz falls to 0-9 on the road. >>> gary williams not in the basketball hall of fame yet, which is a joke. all the others are in and gary has 654 wins and a national title. hello. not a great start for the future hlf-er. he took advantage. lions in front by 7. this is the big 10 challenge and the acc rises to the challenge. they led by 6 at the half. second half, all maryland. posted with 6, a double-double and maryland goes past penstate. >>> the patriot center, gw in blue taking on george mason, and it's david teleum of gw inside with a
about their road trip from dave feldman when we return. >>> good evening. i'm dave feldman, no john wall, no andre blache, no e and no w's on the road. you don't need all the letters in the alphabet to know the wizards are struggling, 12 straight road losses heading into new jersey tonight. wall misses his second straight game with right nye tendonitis. 1st half wizards down 6 -- knee tendonitis. 1st half wizard down 16. devin thomas on the other end -- devin harris on the other end new jersey up 55-38 at the half. wiz trail by as many as 23 but they would come down. down two in the 4th. al thornton from arenas ties it at 75, two of his 18. we've got ourselves a game. with two to play and wiz down one, lopez are the floater. the nets a three-point cushion and win 97-89. the wiz are 0-13 on the road. >>> joel gibbs never liked an indoor practice bubble. maybe that's why the skins never got one which is why today players had to drive from team headquarters to a nearby gym to practice. a blanket of snow covered the fields at redskins park forcing the team to practice at lifetime fitness. i
, showers stick around at 48 degrees. dave feldman is coming back. if you don't know what the what the winter classic is, he'll talk about that. >> fridge was given no choice today and was forced out. his 10 year run at maryland came to an end at the military bowl at rfk. one last coaching assignment taking on the east carolina pirates. third quarter, maryland up 30-13. scott wide up the middle, and he finished with 260 yard and is he was never in doubt. 51-20, the final tally. the only thing to worry about, the gatorade challenge, which was handled perfectly. he wins 10 years, seven bowl games, five bowl victories. any way you slice it, a heck of a run. >> i can't tell you how much i appreciate fans coming out and supporting me and the e-mails and texts i've got has been incredible. i didn't know i was that important. so it was really pretty nice and pretty special today. >> as much as the coach said in the locker room the team was about us and not him, we knew this game was about us, and he's a great coach in all he's done for our program. all we can do is win for him and this on
rather than being the guy going to the puck. >>> and look at who it is, dave feldman calling the action at the patriot centers. would it be good luck for george mason? find out on the other side. 
the game, he took a little time out to talk to our dave feldman. we'll have that as well. stay with us. we'll be right back. who says we want them to? f0 >>> now to sports, the map who couldn't nail down that extra point nap on sunday is out of a job this morning. the redskins cut hunter smith. here is how he will be remembered by most fans. nine seconds left, all the redskin need is an extra point to tie the game. hunter smith couldn't control it. graham gano was drilled in the mad dash to recover that ball. dave feldman talked about it. >> you don't know the reasons or whatever. i feel like hunter been doing a pretty good job for us. i don't want to -- i hope the reason ain't the reason. at the same time, there is a lot of stuff been going on this year. i hope the best for him. he is a gay that should get -- he is a guy that should get another shot somewhere else. >>> the wiz trailed by 11 at the half. the third quarter belonged to kobe bryant scoring 16 points. wizards fall to the lakers 103- 89. dave feldman caught up with steve blake. >> hard to believe you are 30 years old already.
 >>> good evening. i'm dave feldman. the wizards without wall and blatche were forced to put their 10th different starting lineup on the court this season tonight against the lakers who counted for the 25th time with their one and only starting lineup. advantage? los angeles. carlos rogers one of many redskins on hand to check out the two time defending champs. 1st quarter nick young coming off the bench gets pushed by pau gasol but still manages to hit the j, converted to a three- point play. team high 21. 2nd quarter the lakers come to life. pau gasol to lamar owe top who got fouled and -- odom who got fouled and sank the free throw. 3rd quarter kobe bryant, frees himself and banks in the jumper, kobe with 16 in the 3rd. still in the 3rd kobe high above everybody else. he finished with 24 points in just 24 minutes because he didn't need to play anymore. wizards fall to the lakers 103- 89, l.a.'s ninth straight win. just how good are these lakers? >> between them and boston, you know, these guys are finesse, but they do beat you up inside, too but they got the whole package. boston is
a little towards the weekend. stick with us. the edge continues. dave feldman comes back with a look at sports. >>> hi, i'm christine mcgee and we're stationed in south korea. we wanted to send our love to the d.c. metro area, fred and madeleine arts, and our whole family. dennis, ryan and i love you so much. happy holidays. say hi. i >>> good evening. i'm dave feldman. the washington redskins are out of the playoffs and laron landry is out for the seven. also the skins will try out -- season. also the skins will try out some kickers tomorrow, not because of graham gano's foot, but because of his bruised ribs. if he's full speed, he's our kicker. that's mike shanahan talking. yesterday at a gloomy fedex nine seconds left. skins need an extra point to tie the game and force overtime. easy, right? no. knick sundberg's high snap, the holder hunter smith can't handle it, graham gano never got a chance. yesterday hunter smith took the blame and today he took it again. >> i don't give any blame to anybody who did anything in the other 60 minutes. we did all we could to be in the game to ti
. happy holidays. >>> good evening, i'm dave feldman. we are nine days away from winter classic, penguins, caps from heinz field in pittsburgh on january 1. tonight a preview at verizon or as mike knuble told me before the game, one of 82. yeah, right. the game got physical early. less than a minute in alex ovechkin with a huge hit on the penguins evgeni malkin. look again. minutes later pens get on the board first. sidney crosby deflects it and it gets past michal neuvirth. his 29th goal of the year and 23rd straight game with a point. pens up 1 -0. same score in the 2nd. caps finally get on the board on the power play, mike green with his sixth goal of the season and his first since november 14th, tied at 1. to the 3rd pens on the power play with a 2-1 lead, but it's the caps on the attack and mike new beats marc-andre fleury to tie it at two. then a shootout. nice. he would be the only cap to do so. in the 7th round the pens get the game winning shootout off the stick of pascal dupre. the caps have to settle for one point. >> if they can play like that of night, i'll be happy. you know
rivals, the pittsburgh penguins. dave feldman is lee next with the preview. >>> -- live next with the preview. >>> and phil jackson said playing on christmas day is not a present to the nba players. the coach with 11 championship rings restating his longtime opposition to the league's christmas schedule last night. come on, phil. where is your holiday spirit. jackson's lakers will play the miami heat in l.a. this saturday. the lakers have played every single christmas since 1999. >> hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman live at verizon center and caps and penguins get ready to battle. both on a two-game winning streak, the precursor to the winner classic that is 9 days away. the cap his to snap an eight- game losing streak and did it send in ottawa and made it two in a row against new jersey at verizon center at on tuesday. tonight, a game against the dreaded pittsburgh penguins, aurguably the best team in hockey. tonight, the opening act and a preview to the upcoming winter classic. >> i don't think the 9 days away, really, quite frankly, has anything to do with it. it's playing t
's final game with maryland. i'm dave feldman. brian is back in a moment. 
. >>> the initials -- nationals unveil their new $126 million man. up next, dave feldman with the buzz surrounding the newest ones. >> hi, i'm lieutenant subpoena cooper from himton, massachusetts, currently stationed in japan. i would like to say i had to my mom and dad, kevin and amy cooper in woodbridge, virginia. happy holidays and i miss you guys. hopefully i'll see you in japan soon. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> good evening, 10 days ago, the nats pulled the page from the redskins playbook making a big offseason splash. signing jayson weather to a seven-year, $126 million contract. he will be 38 when the contract ends and he wants to play into his 40s. werth put on his number 28 je
moore. i'm dave feldman. brian back with more of the edge right after this. have a good night. eef tes ecicd yoyo d >>> some families real like the snow and that real christmas tree, but come january the thing is out on the curb dead. now a california businessman is trying to change that trend. he owns a business that lets people rent a christmas tree. he delivers the tree to their home,
million units worldwide. [ music ] >>> good evening. i'm dave feldman. there's one week left in the ralph friedgen era at maryland. the fridge is busy preparing for the military bowl next week. today a press conference where fridge spoke publicly for the first time since his dismissal. lindsay murphy joins us live from downtown northwest. murph, what did the fridge have to say? >> reporter: feldy this kind of went as expected. he tarted by saying he didn't want to talk about his status until after the military bowl, which is in exactly one week. ralph friedgen is never quiet about his emotions. even today, he yab bout getting a little bit upset about his final game with the terps. >> it will be tough. you know, the kids have been great. to be with them last year, and to see them grow, and then we're right to a point now where i think we're really ready to take off. and that's the toughest thing about the whole thing, is i really think this team has a chance to be champions, and, you know, that's kind of what i was looking for. but, you know, the powers to be don't feel i'm good enough to
at home to win and haven't won on the road. i'm dave feldman, back to you. >> thank you for. that. >>> now you have the news edge. the news is always on we're back here at 10 on the news edge at 11. hope you will be, too. have a good night. 
with the oakland athletics. i'm dave feldman, back to you. >> thank you, and of course, you now have the news edge. again, we want to say happy hanukkah to all of you watching and the news is always on i'm back tonight at 10 and again, the news edge at 11. keep it here, tmz on tv is coming your way next.
. >> good evening, i'm dave feldman. the number 5 had some significance against the caps tonight. five straight home losses. unheard of for one of the best home teams in hockey. a 5-0 loss to the devils the last time these two tangled. but the best 5 of all, 5 different scores tonight on home ice. first period, no score, up the left wing, centers in front to andrew gordon, who gets the first nhl goal. caps up 1-0. dave stekle, stuff attempt, his first of the year. later in the second. the huszle by jason trimera. loses the battle for the loose puck and still manages to score. caps 3-1. alex oveskin into the devil's zone, loses it but cleans it up. fourth of the year, the caps defeat the devils 5-1 for a second consecutive win and the head coach likes his youngsters. >> they have lots of energy, and they follow direction, and they played with passion and enthusiasm, and when you do that, usually no matter what league you're in, you're going to have success. there's reasons they've won two collar cups in a row and been in the final 4 the last five years. >>> donovan mcnabb continued his
tomorrow night and i'm dave feldman, you're caught up. >>> and one last look at the five-day forecast. >> we have a treat for you and we're going crack the 50 degrees mark and how nice will that be and that is going to be a slight warming trend and the next chance of showers on new year's day. >> thank you. you have the news edge, the news is always on and back here at 10. hope you will be here, too. enjoy your night. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls.
sports director dave feldman, a loss for the redskins yesterday that we all know. rex grossman, a new starter amid a bunch of controversy looked pretty good. >> testify and the thing about it is you had a feeling today at the press conference the first thing mike shanahan was saying was see, i told you so. i'm a little smarter than you guys think because remember, everyone questioned this move and questioned how late he made the move. shanahan didn't announce him as starter until friday which on a workweek for the redskins is very late. >> you would think i told you so would come after the win, but we get point. did he look that much better than mcnabb? what was the difference? >> he ran the offense a lot better than mcnabb. he ran it in houston, too under kyle shanahan and evidently he would follow the offense better than donovan mcnabb. the critique was that mcnabb freelanced too much. >> or did he follow kyle shanahan rather than donovan mcnabb? >> that's a good point. here's what happened in big d as rex grossman made the start. when you see no. 8, you're thinking wait, this guy h
donald's. >> each week at this time sports director dave feldman quizzes a certain redskin about the upcoming opponent and city. >> and puts the questions to us, too by the way. >> this is our last night, isn't it? >> then i better be on my game. >> so it's on, laura. do it. >> sunday the redskins will play the giants in the season finale and feldy, it's the second time they've played the giants. new questions this time around? >> i've got new state of the art questions. brian and i went over the questions earlier today. >> hey, that's not fair. >> then the subplot brian and laura in a little thing we like to call know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host dave feldman. >> reporter: know your opponent with kevin barnes from north carolina. we're going to quiz you about new york because you're playing the giant. you ready? >> yeah, i'm ready. >> reporter: you're a smart kid. >> yeah, very smart. >> reporter: new york is the third most populated state in this country. the third most. what are the first two? >> california and texas.
down in the satellite center now with sports director dave feldman and feldy, it must have been crazy with the caps and the penguins tonight at the verizon center. >> it's a great place to be because it's a great rivalry in hockey and they're building up for the first of four meetings and let's be honest, it's sidney crosby and alex ovechkin, the two superstars in the game like burt and magic back in our day. >> and necessity have a streak going. >> listen -- they have a streak going. >> listen, they've each one two games. a week ago the caps a were in an eight-game losing streak and shocking news about bruce boudreau being on the hot seat which was ridiculous. let's go to verizon center, 1st period 10 strikes first. guess who, sidney crosby deflects it past michal neuvirth, his 23rd straight game with a point ends up 1 -0. caps finally get on the board with the power play. it's mike green, the blue liner, sixth of the season, his first since november 14th. tied at one. to the 3rd pens on the power play with the 2-1 lead but the caps on the attack. mike knuble beats mark andrew fleur
at this time sports director dave feldman quizzes a certain redskin about the upcoming opponent and city, tough question. >> yes. >> many tough questions. it's dallas week, which means feldy went looking for a texan to quiz. >> i found a very big one named derrick dockery who is very good and showed us a lot of personality, but keep in mind, laura, i agree with you when you said that you were going to hand shawn her hat on this and she couldn't do nearly as well let's see how derrick did and then i'll quiz you two on a little thing we like to call know your opponent. >> it's time for another quiting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host dave feldman. >> reporter: know your opponent with derrick dockery from texas. are you already trying to cheat? >> i'm trying to get a sneak peek. >> reporter: the nation's first convenience store chain started in dallas in 1922. it's now in 18 countries. do you need a clue? the first convenience store. you've gone there many times. they're everywhere now. i'll give you another clue if you want. >> everywhere? >> reporter: want another clue? >> alb
saga. dan snyder had a rare session with reporters this afternoon. fox 5's sports director dave feldman has more on his message to frustrated fans and there are many of them. >> a lot of them live in your house, don't they? >> yes. >> he preached patience and said he was disappointed in the team's 5-7 record. he said he had confidence in his head coach, all this while standing next to his former head coach, hall of famer joe gibbs. lindsay murphy was with the two men as they gathered for a good cause but had to discuss air lost cause. >> reporter: two days after the skins suspended albert haynesworth all but closing the book on one of the worst chapters in franchise history, one of the team's most successful and beloved heros showed up. joe gibbs was on hand in bristol, virginia, for a dedication ceremony at the youth for tomorrow campus which he founded. the former coach and three time super bowl champion weighed in on the latest redskins mess. >> sometimes things like that happen. i think i have absolute faith in coach shanahan and his experience. i would be willing to say he's probab
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down after the bowl game against penn state. i'm dave feldman, brian back with the edge after this. 
.c. dave feldman was there for the formal introduction. >> reporter: jayson werth put on his 28 nationals jersey today for the first time. the beginning of a seven-year relationship that will pay the outfielder $126 million guaranteed. the nats are calling the werth signing phase two of their evolution. >> i'm kind of the first one to step forward and get it going. i'm committed to be in this situation. i think apts great situation for me going forward. we'll be a winning ball club and we'll surprise a lot of people. >> he brings an edge to the ball club. i've seen it too many times with the phillies and that is the type of guy that we want. >> reporter: he has something most of his new teammates do not have, playoff experience. he played in the post-season all four of his years with the phillies and reached the world series twice, winning it all in 2008. now, he will try to do the same in the nation's capital. >> i see a group of guys that i feel like i can win with. they are a greedy bunch and the core group of of the team is young and talented. i went to philadelphia in 2007 with the s
there and in the second, jason clark going to take it all the way and improving to 10- 1 and dave feldman had a solid call and stay tuned tonight, a special treat, kevin and rock from 106.7 the fan will be live in studio to talk about all the major changes that involve the d.c. teams. it's been a crazy, whirlwind 36 hours. >> you love it? >> we love it. >> and this is why you're great at your job. you're a fan. >> yes. >> and you feel bad for guys like ralph friedjen. >> and the final 15. >> the five-day forecast, tuesday's the day to watch and we can see snow or rain, folks and other than, that the rest of the weekend looks nice. >> and more coming up your way tonight at 10 and for the news edge at 11.
's eve 46 degrees and new year's day maybe late rain at 54. don't go anywhere. dave feldman is back with sports. we're talking basketball when we return. >>> good evening. the wizards went to houston tonight looking to do something they hadn't done all season, win on the road. 0-14 entering tonight. you would think the law of averages would be on their side. andray blatche and javale mcgee back after their one game suspension. we pick it up late in the 4th, wiz up seven and nick young from the corner drains the three. so they're up 10. young one of six wizards in double figures. sadly you know what's going to happen. rockets come back and now they're just down two. houston up 87-86 and they pull away after that. under two to play, kevin martin's three puts the rockets up seven. houston wins 193. wiz drop to -- 100-93. wiz drop to 0-15 on the road making a franchise record for the season. staggering. >>> ralph friedgen has two days left as maryland's head football coach. he knows it, players know it and everybody running the military bowl know it. the players and coaches would rather
, the streak for yukon over. one men's score uva falls to iowa state 60-47. i'm dave feldman. have a good night. brian is back with more of edge right after this. 
and work ethic are being called into question. dave feldman has more. >> reporter: albert haynesworth is becoming a distraction again. albert said he was sick on friday, arrived late and did not practice according to the coach. these or two very strong-willed men and it appears redskins park is becoming too small for both of them. >> they choose to sit me, they choose to sit me. this is their organization. i'm just a piece. >> i know you guys want to ask the question 50tive aren't ways so we can talk about it more in detail. we'll talk more about it on wednesday. i can be a little bit more thorough and tell you about how our conversation went. >> i think he put the team first because he is not going to let one guy or one person come in here and destroy what we have. i think you put the team first when you think about the future and the things we got to do. if you don't practice, you don't play. that is putting the team first. >> reporter: to delve deeper, we welcome in jason reid at redskins park who cover this is team thoroughly for the "washington post." if you are not going to play
. >>> now to sports director dave feldman. this redskins season has had a lot of down moments, but yesterday's had to have been among the worst. >> it had to be because it happened at the very end. we all thought they were going to win. think about week two, laura, andre johnson of the texans catches one in the end zone to win the game. mcnabb was benched for rex grossman which everyone talked about and then the monday night debacle where al better haynesworth is lying on the ground and doesn't -- albert haynesworth is lying on the ground and doesn't get up and michael slip throws a touchdown pass. there have -- michael vick throws a touchdown pass. there have been some lows, but yesterday's take the cake. >> doesn't it seem like it's coming down to the wire? >> 9 of 13 have been decided by six point or less. this is nothing unusual and yesterday was more of the same, more of the ennine being decided by -- of the nine being decided by a couple points or less. let me show you what happened at fedex field because they scored at the end of the game and you thought they were going to win. moss w
of that today in florida of all places. dave feldman live in the newsroom. finally some good news, feldy. >> well, look, it was 38 degrees in kickoff with jacksonville, strong winds, the coldest home game in jaguar history. it's good nfc east weather as the skins visited a team still hoping to win the afc south, the skins just playing for pride and positions in the clearly no job is safe regime of mike shanahan. pick it up in the 4th quarter, tied at 10, skins at 4th and goal and ryan torain is up and over, skins 17, jacksonville 10. jags fight back, under three to play. david garrard calls his own number, 20 yards weaving his way in for the score, tied at 17. we'd head to overtime. jaguars won the toss, start with the ball and on the third play of the o.t. garrard is picked off by the former terp kevin barnes, his first career interception in his first start as safety. three plays later graham gano for the game winner and the 31- yarder in the wind is good. skins snap a 20-17. they win 20-17, snap a four- game losing skid. mike shanahan is reloved and lindsay murphy has more from jackso
with sports director dave feldman talking about maryland head football coach friedgen final days with the terps. he's talking about being let go. >> he had a press conference today. and he had to talk about the upcoming bowl but lindsay murphy was there and asked him what are your emotions going to be he said i don't want to talk about leaving. i'll talk about it when i get done. he's a human guy. he can't help the way he feels. and friedgen was there for ten years and he's very emotional and he wants to talk about things. when you see him coaching on the side line and you realize this is the last time we ever saw him at bird stadium becauses' not going to coach at college park any more, a 6-1 turn around and he was the acc coach of the year. today at that presser, we asked him about coaching the terps for the last time. >> it will be tough. you know, the kids have been great, and that's the toughest thing about this whole thing is i really think this team has a chance to be champions. and that's kind of what i was looking for. but, you know, powers that be didn't hi it was good
. >>> to the satellite center now with dave feldman and talking maryland turps football. the fridge gets the win. it's often times not hard to say goodbye but it was really hard to say goodbye. >> all week he was emotional and crying and tough for the kids too. the maryland guys didn't necessarily want a bigger bowl, i think they did, but they want a warmer bowl. they want to go to a warm place, not rfk where it's cold and all that. there's the whole sympathy for fridge being forced out after 10 years. yeah, ralph fridgen wanted to go out a winner but didn't want to go at all. he was forced out but had to go. the last game in the military bowl. maryland was up 30-13. durell scott for 61 yards. he finished with 200 and alf strongsong was never in doubt. 51-20 was the final. how did the gatorade shower go? it was cued perfectly. ralph never saw it coming. it ends with a w, it's over, lindsay murphy was there in college park. >> reporter: so these 10 seasons, seven bowl games, and now five victories in those long games, his run as head coach came to an emotional close this evening. >> i can't tell you
't know that he needed to be cut. they didn't ask my decision. >> the saga continues. dave feldman, thank you. that's it for us in the satellite center. >>> you might do this every day, maybe pray for the redskins or tweet or post a pic to the web, but those moves could be making you a prime target for criminals, the hidden information you should know about. ecic >>> criminals tracking the information we give out online, not exactly new, but there's another technology you may be using without even knowing it. it may be giving criminals a map to your doorstep. fox 5's laura evans has a story you'll only see right here on fox 5. >> reporter: we all love our smartphones. they allow us to stay connected like never before, apps, e- mails, texts, calls and, of course, pictures, but before you snap and post, there's something you should know. the image on the screen might not be the only thing you're sending out. >> well, it's a pick, but a picture can speak a thousand words. >> reporter: it's called geotagging. by simply sending a digital picture to your phone or posting to a certain web servic
and the school officially announced the decision on the future of the fridge. sports director dave feldman has the outcome. what is the deal? >> here it is. ralph friedjen has been fired. after the bowl on december 29th at rfk. the athletic director said he'd receive $2 million to cover the final year of his contract and made the decision to replace friedjen after the terps offensive coordinator james franklin accepted the head coaching job at vanderbilt on friday. the 63-year-old friedjen orchestrated the second biggest turnaround in major college football this season, taking the terms from 2-10 and 8-4 and named the acc coach-of-the- year. friedjen will take the team to the military bowl, the 7th in 10 years in college park and that will be the last bowl appearance and the last game as maryland's head coach. >> maryland athletics made a strategic business decision to buy out the final year of the coach's contract effective january 2nd, 2011. he will remain under contract through the military bull and he will coach his team in that game. >> i don't know the ab-person, but that is the biggest
center now with dave feldman talking about something we haven't been able to talk about in a month. a win, finally. >> everyone gets to feel good. no open locker room this morning. we just hear from shanahan this afternoon. but here is the deal. they haven't won since november 21. they have lost four straight weeks. think about that. and as you know, jacksonville was playing for something. they are trying to win the afc south. the redskins were just playing for pride. here's happened in a very cold, cold jacksonville florida, where rex grossman was a perfect 4-0 as a starter. 3-0 as a gator, 1-0 as a 'skin. redskins pick update a 20-17 overtime win. a franchise record fourth ot game for the 'skins who improved to 3-1 in those contests. rex grossman had his ups and downs. they blew late lead but stepped up when they needed to. with the team banged up, it was the back-ups like a former terp, kevin barnes, a key interception, making key plays and impressing the coach in the process. >> we had a number of defensive players step up and a couple of offensive players get their opportunity. you e
the satellite center now with sports direct -- i'm laura evans in the satellite center now with dave feldman and the redskins giving a win, a nice christmas present to the fans. >> four weeks, november 21st they beat the tennessee titans, the last time we talked about a win. >> happy day in my house yesterday. i think fans forget how that feels. >> except only, you know what? your husband could have been upset, too, because more wins hurts their draft pick status. when you finish worse. you knew that. >> yup. >> jacksonville was like nfc east weather. just when it appeared the redskins were down, had nothing left, a ragtag hodgepodge group of backup rookies helped break the team's four game losing streak and in the process ruined the jaguars christmas and perhaps their chance at a playoff spot. the redskins defense ranked last in the nfl that started game, well, only five starters from open dig were on the field, yet they won. mike shanahan -- opening day were on the field, yet they won. mike shanahan, what did you have? >> a couple defensive players stepped up, a couple offensive players ge
. sports director dave feldman in the satellite center now. what's coach shanahan saying about the decision? >> he's going to say more tomorrow but his action has said plenty today. the team has suspended him four games without pay in conduct they call detrimental to the club. the team listed a litany of grievances that added up to basically a year of insubordination. his agent says the skins' actions are vague and without merit and plan to appeal. in a statement released by mike shanahan, despite the club's numerous attempts to persuade albert haynesworth to abide by the terms of his contract, he's repeatedly refused to cooperate with our coaching staff in a variety of ways over an extended period of time. he went on to stay yesterday when albert was at redskins' park, he told our general manager bruce allen he would no longer speak with me. no head coach enters into things like this likely but the coach has entered into a decision. much has been written about the skipped offseason workout and is refusal to play nose tackle, the taking of the $23 million camp, the skipped mini-camp and the
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